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Please contact Janie Besel (719-859-0417)
A little over a year ago, I helped out a friend who had a miniature donkey who she could no longer keep. Because she’d had him since he was a weanling—and prior to that, had visited him regularly since his birth, it was very painful for her to part with him after five years of enjoying his company. But because she and her husband are senior citizens, it was becoming more and more difficult to take him for his daily walks. (The walks were vitally important as he had only a small enclosure shared with a miniature horse.)

Knowing all too well the heartbreak of having to rehome an animal friend, I said I’d adopt him.

JR did well here, although I knew he should really have another donkey as a pasture mate, because our 28 year old Fox Trotter mare tolerated him in her pasture-and gave him lots of exercise by merely shaking her head at him. My beloved but naughty Appaloosa mule kept him entertained too but always with a fence between because of the size difference and the fact that Apache plays rough.

Our beautiful mare died in November. JR is lonesome. His interaction with the mule is not enough for an energetic six and a half year old donkey. Their play over the fence has resulted in two horse gates being demolished: Apache leans down and JR jumps up. Even my heavy duty panel bent under the constant abuse! (But they sure enjoy the play and it’s entertaining to watch.)

Because we are going to be getting two riding mules or horses, I am not going to be able to get a companion for JR.
He needs a home with another donkey, or other suitable pasture mate, and perhaps a household with children!

If you can provide such a home, let me know ASAP. If you know of someone else who can, let them know ASAP. Vet and farrier references will be required.

Not posting a price as it is negotiable. A good home is invaluable and the love of a donkey immeasurable and beyond calculating.

Thanks for reading. I’m located halfway between Green Bay and Appleton, in the Morrison/ Greenleaf area.


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